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I’m a long-time Londoner, and the city makes the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of adventure (and a side order of flirting).

To paraphrase The Supremes, you can’t hurry these things, so let’s get to know one another as I introduce you to my city: to the artworks that make my heart sing, the hidden theatres where I escape to on gloomy winter afternoons, the best spot in Hampstead Heath for people watching and the bartender that makes the most lethal Whisky Sour.  Then again, perhaps you can show me yours.


As much as I enjoy a little luxury, I know that time is the most valuable thing we can spend together. So how shall we spend it? 




That being said, sometimes horizons can do with a little widening.  I never say no to the chance to play footsie on the Eurostar, lose a weekend in the countryside or explore the streets of Rome. We can plan a dream escape together, or Fly Me To You for some unforgettable down time on your next business trip. 


Perhaps your tastes are a little more esoteric? You’ve met your match. I’m that most hedonistic of creatures: a bisexual switch with a flair for creating kink scenes with as much artistry as I do a canvas. 

Forget your assumptions about cold-hearted or clinical BDSM encounters: I’ve never believed that sensuality and kink are incompatible - or rather, they certainly aren’t the way I do them.  Whether I’m in the mood to feel powerless or powerful, I’m drawn to intimacy, connection and vulnerability, and what happens at the boundaries of surrender and control. Care to find out together?



Perhaps you can tell but I’m a hopeless romantic. I think of foreplay as something that begins from the moment we meet; as our body language shifts as we chat and laugh; when my fingers first lace through yours in the back of a cab. 

Once that cab’s dropped us back at your hotel, let’s unveil ourselves. I’m excited by languid trysts that run late into the night, in which time and space go a little hazy and we end up sharing the secrets and desires that make us tick. Oh and lots of kissing. I’m a diehard fan of kissing.


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