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Help Me Raise Money for the NHS


It is without a doubt that the true heros during this pandemic are our incredible healthcare professionals whom are working tirelessly and putting their own life at risk for our collective good.


In the past few weeks I’ve been feeling powerless, watching this all unfold right before my own eyes, unable to offer any help. I’ve been reading endless news stories about our healthcare system being at breaking point and been thinking about the ways I could be of any help so I decided to auction my first post quarantine meet to raise money for the NHS!

The price of the auction starts at 400£, which is equal to 2 hours of my time. The amount you donate will match the length of time of our meeting according to my standard rates.

You will still get to determine the details of our meeting, just like any normal booking!


The reason why I have not reduced my rates for this initiative is because the goal isn’t to get a better deal on my time but to raise as much money as possible!


100% of the money raised will be donated to 


This donation will be made by me on behalf of the London Sex Workers community in an attempt to show our solidarity and hopefully open up a positive discourse about our work.

Let’s support our wonderful NHS!

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